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Visiting Centre Reunions

Over the past couple of months, our Visiting Centre at Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin has been only getting busier! We’ve had some heart waming reunions between children and their pets – it really is surreal to see our dreams from 2020 becoming a reality.


We know that Cian is there, in every wagging tail and every smiling face, providing pockets of happiness through the toughest of times. Thank you to the families who have given us permission to share these special moments with you all….


Zara with her beloved Mika.


Holly put a smile of everybody’s face – not just her familes!


Francie and Yogi on their way to the DSPCA with Enda and Mary – and yes, Francie the Jack Russell was definitely the boss!


Oreo – he stole a piece of my heart that day with his smiles!


A small puppy brought big smiles to our Visiting Centre recently!