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Cian’s Kennels – bringing pets closer to sick children and their families

At the heart of it all, Cian’s Kennels is a charity that allows hospitalised kids to have their dogs by their side for that extra dose of comfort and joy.

Every effort we make ensures that every child experiences happiness and comfort through the companionship of their furry friends.

All our services are free of charge, easily accessible and available 365 days a year.


'It was a positive break in our day. Jude had an IV line with about 1.5m of slack that was attached to a heavy metal stand. They were having so much fun, Jude forgot he was attached to it. We wheeled the IV line around while Jude teased Dobby with treats and toys. In Jude’s world, he was at home playing with Dobby.'

'It was great for Leon to do something he loved, it filled his wee heart full of joy. It was a bit of home from home.'