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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the service?

Cian’s Kennels is a service currently being provided for the patients of CHI at Crumlin and their families which facilitates visits from their dog during their hospital stay. Services also include vet checks, transport and kennelling.

Who are Cian’s Kennels?

Cian’s Kennels is an Irish registered charity set up in 2020 by Evelyn and Enda Neary in memory of their beloved 15-year-old son Cian, who sadly lost his battle with Cancer in September 2019.

Where is Cian’s Kennels located?

The registered office of the charity is in Longford (see contact details on main page). The Cian’s Kennels visiting unit at CHI at Crumlin is located at the back of St Johns Ward, in front of Ronald McDonald House.

How do I apply to have my dog visit me at Cian’s Kennels?

If you would like your dog to visit you & your family at Cian’s Kennels (St John’s Ward inpatients only) you must contact for further information & request a registration form. You cannot bring your dog onsite without discussion/approval from Cian’s Kennels as the hospital must adhere to safety regulations.

If my dog becomes unwell during the trip/ visit period who looks after dog?

Dogs will be kennelled overnight at DSPCA which has full veterinary supports in place for pets. They will contact you directly should your dog become unwell while kennelling there. Our Cian’s Kennels volunteer drivers are trained to look after your dog during transportation and visits to the hospital and we also have the support of the Cian’s Kennels veterinary director, Emma Plant.

If my child becomes unwell and not fit to visit dog in the kennel what happens?

Your dog will be kept at the DSPCA Pet Hotel, until your child is well enough for the visit, or you may have your dog returned home by one of our volunteers, free of charge, if this is your preferred choice.

Is there a cost for using the kennels?

All costs are covered by Cian’s Kennels, vet check costs; transport and kennelling at the DSPCA Pet hotel.

How is Cian’s Kennels funded?

Cian Kennels is funded completely by fund raising and charity donations and with just one part time employee is run mostly by volunteers.

How long does the dog stay?

The dog can stay at DSPCA for as long as your child remains at CHI at Crumlin. Hospital visits and use of the visiting facility at CHI Crumlin will be for a maximum of 2 hours per visit.

How do I give feedback, make suggestions or lodge a complaint?

The Cian’s Kennels team would be delighted to receive feedback on your experience of using the service and suggestions as to how we might improve this. If you have any complaint about the service this should be addressed to the ward manager of the ward in which your child is a patient.

Can I bring other types of pets to visit my child?

At the moment we are only bringing dogs to the unit, this may be reviewed in time.