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Our aim at Cian’s Kennels is to “bring pets closer to sick children and their families”, providing this service in a structured, safe and practical way, free of charge to all qualifying families.

The services we provide include:

· Full veterinary checks including vaccinations, if necessary

· Transport from home to and from the kennels

· Transport for pets to and from the hospital from our kennelling partners at DSPCA (as needed in Phase 1 below)

· Fully resourced Visiting Centre located at the back of St. John’s Ward at Children’s HEalth Ireland at Crumlin – this is right in front of the Ronald McDonald House


Our Visitng Centre was officially opened on May 20th 2022 and we entered our pilot phase, where we offered our services first to families on St John’s, St Joseph’s and St Michael’s Wards. In late 2022 we expanded our services hospital wide and are now accepting applications from all familites attending CHI at Crumlin.


During Phase 2, we hope to expand our services to other centres and fulfil the “dream” of creating a legacy for Cian that will be live on into the future.


Our plans our continually evolving but we will keep everyone up to date on progress, as plan moved forward over the next couple of months. Our social media pages, Facebook and Instagram are updated regularly and we will be keeping our Latest News section up to date too!


Cian’s story has not ended……..& the Cian’s Kennels story is just beginning!