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Phase 1 Launch!

Ladies and gentlemen we are thrilled to announce that the construction of our planned Phase 1 works began on January 10th! We hope to have all works fully completed within 8 weeks so keep an eye out for updates.

Plans include a visiting area for families along with indoor and outdoor spaces for pets, all fully wheelchair accessible and will be fully cleaned and disinfected to hospital standard before and after visits. I’ll add a stylised image of our plans here also.

We had huge community support and phenomenal media coverage – both local and national radio stations, newspapers, online articles and televised news reports – all have been shared on our social media pages. Pop over to our Facebook or Instagram to catch up on the busy few days we’ve had! We’ve shared several links to news reports on our Facebook if you missed them!

As always – thank you so much for your support! All of this wouldn’t be possible without your endless support and if you would like to continue supporting us you can donate here.

Below are some images from our opening – Shane cutting the ribbon, a family photo of the Neary’s on our newly opened site and the heavy machinery arriving – along with the plans mentioned above.